Three Designed Objects

These products solve the most mundane of my problems, with a simple and yet interesting designs.

Object 1 : Phone Tripod

Here’s my recent and a very valuable purchase that I absolutely adore to have. This particular tripod is a multi-utility product which I end up using every day.

The design is quite intriguing. It starts out folded, being the size of an umbrella handle which makes it portable. Once the phone holder part is folded out, the product can be used as a pretty stable selfie-stick. It also comes with a bluetooth remote to be able to click selfies, which is an added bonus.

With a small press of a finger at the bottom, the legs of the tripod can be brought out to convert the product into a stand. Its very convenient when it comes to making video calls back home (especially when my Mum’s guiding me through a recipie). Then you can adjust the height of the tripod by pulling the stand up and it stretches out above waist height quite easily, which is quite helpful when it comes to clicking pictures of the sky at night, and other landscapes. It can be used by left-handed and right-handed users likewise.

Easy to hold, and an easier to understand operation even without reading the manual. This makes it a good product of design in my books.

Object 2 : Headphones Stand

I had purchased this from IKEA back in India and I’ve got to say it was a precious buy for me.

Being forced to keep my headphones on the desk, constantly fearing my headphones to get damaged or dirty, made me look for a stand. There were many such stands on the market, some having the RGB color lighting setup as well. But what I liked about this particular one was:

  • Make : It is made out of a metal which makes it sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Shape : As visible in the images, my headphones can easily fit on the ledge at the top of the stand.
  • Simplicity : Its a simple shape, and also gives the product user option to keep a phone docked (although I have placed my earbuds there in the pictures).

And lastly, one of the other reasons for my purchase was the fact that the color and design suited my desk setup.

Object 3 : XBOX Controller

While not being much of a gamer myself, I have always liked the way Microsoft had approached their controller designs with XBOX. The controller designed by Sony for the Playstation consoles were never the way to go, in my opinion.

The ergonomic design makes this controller so comfortable to hold. It gives the feeling of holding a really well designed mouse. Using the controller for long hours is such a fine experience that the user almost forgets about holding it while being immersed in the gaming session. The design is well made for the placement of the thumbs as well as all of the other fingers. Even with slippery hands, its quite easy to have a firm grip on the product.

A fun fact; The controller on the PS5 was designed ergonomically to directly compete with the XBOX controller. Sony was quick to realise the better design given by Microsoft, and took inspiration for their next iteration of consoles.

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