Good Website Designs

I’m a big fan of simplicity and minimalism. These websites have beautiful, simple, and ‘useful’ designs.

Website 1 :

As a UI Developer, undraw has been one of my go-to website to grab open-source illustrations for my webpages (especially landing pages).

The mere simplicity of the website makes it appealing to the eye. The best part about using undraw is that you can actually extract PNG, as well as SVG format illustrations. On top of that, what’s wonderful is it gives the user to feed in the primary color in the search bar.

It is such a useful utility to have, to make the webpages look professional and catchy to the eye.

Lastly, the fact that all of the illustrations are open-sourced makes this website a must in a web developer’s arsenal.

Website 2 : Pinterest

Starting to learn Web Designing I’ve slowly started to grasp the potential of this website. Pinterest had always been a place for me back in the early 2010s, when I tried to seach for a cool looking wallpaper for my phone.

Today, Pinterest has grown into an elegant, visual search engine for ideas, thoughts, moodboards, and art. It is clear that the people behind the website have worked a lot, not only on the design but the search engine algorithm as well.

As in the picture above, merely searching for the term “content planning” gives me an endless supply of ideas and designs on the topic. And I can assure you, that this is true for anything you throw at it.

The design is simple, effective, and does the job. Pinterest was created for one job – a collaborative space for collection of ‘pins’ or images to power a user’s imagination and creativity. And the website does that really well.

Website 3 : Google Earth

Growing up with a curiosity of what is beyond the earth’s surface, the globe and space, was my thing. I used to scroll around planets on the Celestia application on my Windows 2000 desktop back in the day. Today, Google Earth has kept that curiosity alive.

It is beautiful how Google manages to put something as complex as earth in a simple website. It is so easy to use, and interesting to the user for them to find out their places of interest. The map styles to pick are simple buttons with clear indications, the search works really well credit to Google’s overwatch on satellite (Google Maps) and user data.

While the usability of Google Earth might not be very expansive as Google Maps and other map services are meant for the regular navigation and location search. But the way the globe is presented on Google Earth is really imaginative, intruiging and gets the users to ‘browse more’, and think ‘what next’.

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